A Joyful Picnic

“But we already have the firewood we need,” she said as they were getting out of the truck. “Plus there are no dead snags in this stand, we cleaned it out last month.”

“Why must all of our time in the forest be spent gathering firewood?” he asked as he got the picnic basket he had hidden under their jackets in the back seat.

It was a beautiful late summer, early autumn, day. As it was early afternoon the temperature was just right as he spread a blanket in the shade on the edge of the stand of trees. He motioned for her to sit with him and look out at the meadow before them. Many of the plants had matured in the short growing season but the rain the week before had made the grass turn green again.

His skills in the kitchen were very few, so the picnic amounted to chicken tenders, a fruit tray, and a dessert from the bakery of the local supermarket. She seemed to love it though. He had learned that often the time to think out a nice surprise like this was more important than the details of the activity. As long as he kept things comfortable for her, she would love the experience.

As they ate the lunch and drank the sparkling grape juice their hands would touch. There was an electric shock going through them at each touch. Soon he just took her hand and held it. He looked into her eyes and felt that wonderful deep love and physical desire she always brought out of him.

“I love you,” he said as he pulled her to him and gave her their first kiss of the afternoon. He sat and stared at her as he caressed her face and hair. He kissed her again, but this time it deepened and their tongues started the well known dance that was so wonderfully new while being a welcome reminder of their many other kisses. He always marveled at how their relationship was made up of contradictions. The newness of familiar actions. The excitement she brought out in him that lead to being relaxed around her.

As their kiss deepened further, his hands started to caress more and more of her. It finally got to where her clothes were in the way, so he started to unbutton her blouse. As more cleavage was bared, he would caress and kiss her between those wonderful mounds of pleasure. She asked, “do you remember how much that filled with chips from the chain saw, good thing I got it all cleaned out or you would have splinters in your tongue.”

He just smiled and undid the clasp of her bra. His hands started exploring her wonderful skin. He would run his hands over her, then his lips. He finally took a nipple in his mouth bringing a gasp from her. As he kept working her breast with his mouth she was soon moaning with pleasure. He removed her pants and underwear so she was naked before him. He went back to working at giving her pleasure with his mouth as his hand found the heart of her womanhood. The well practiced dance, in this new place, meant he knew just how much pressure on her most sensitive part would bring pleasure but no pain.

He laid next to her, teasing her nipple while using his hand to tease her clit. She gave herself up to the sensations filling her whole body. With continued teasing, her whole body filled with the pleasure until she gave a cry of joy that told all the animals in the area she had gone as far with the pleasure as she could.

He stood and stripped out of his clothes. He laid his naked body next to hers and held her for a few minutes. The fantastic sensations of skin against skin were driving him wild. He started kissing her body again, but instead of going to her breasts he kept moving down until his tongue was teasing her opening. She had climaxed recently enough to make it still very sensitive but the snuggling had given her time to calm enough that it didn’t hurt when he pushed his tongue in to tease her clit as his finger had earlier. Soon he thought his mouth was going for a ride on a bucking bronco as she responded to the exquisite pleasure he was giving her. She announced that pleasure to the forest for a second time that afternoon. She was so tender she had to push him away to keep the memory and not feel pain at his touch.

He kept holding and caressing her. Soon she was exploring his body with her hands. As she reached his shaft she began stroking it to bring it to its full strength. As it engorged and grew, it became more sensitive to her touch. She kissed it and enveloped it in her mouth. He was nearly unable to think as the fantastic pleasure raced through his body. He suddenly rose to his knees behind her. He pressed his swollen cock to her opening and entered her. In this most intimate of times they were becoming one. With her bent forward he tried again to find the spot they had been told about that he could press against to give her still more pleasure. She was teasing her clit with her fingers while he was thrusting back and forth inside her. She started quaking with joy and it sent him into his own climax. The forest heard them sing together this time.

They collapsed together naked. They held each other as their bodies came down from the wonderful sensations of expressing their love physically. In what always seemed too short of time, their bodies returned to knowing there were things to get done and the joy would have to smolder at a lower level again for a while. They got dressed, gathered the picnic, and loaded up to leave. The only remnants of their joy were the echoes on the wind, the spot in the grass where the blanket had been, and the smiles the memories were already bringing to their faces.

©2018 Michael Yocom 

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