An Asexual Person Who Reviews Sex Toys

In the past week I came across a video on Asexuality & Masturbation with Taryn. For some reason someone I follow on Twitter retweeted or liked it and it ended up in front of me. The title fascinated me. I think the site it came from was the creator of the video What's My Body Doing. The Twitter user Taryn is the person that just shook my fledgling understanding of the term asexual.

This has gotten me busy learning what I can from the internet, mostly Google searches and Wikipedia pages as I don't have access to professional journals. Before I go into what I've learned, let me mention a news article I read a few weeks ago. It uses President Trump as an example. Since I don't want this to be about politics it took me a while to feel I could mention it. As far as this blog goes I may at some future date rant about some government policy that messes with people being able to freely explore and express their sexuality but that is the only kind of politics I want to get into here. I definitely have opinions on many political issues. I just express them in other places.

For this post, Mr. Trump is a well known example of what the article I just referred to was about. Basically the article said some of the problems he has are due to his being heterosexual but homosocial. The locker room talk he referred to in response to the recorded conversation about grabbing women is a result of his being attracted to women but socializing pretty much only with men. He doesn't recognize the social boundaries his comments crossed as he only understands socializing with men. So we have different types of social relationships, homosocial, heterosocial, bisocial, etc. We also have homoromantic, heteroromantic, biromantic, etc. to describe the types of romantic relationships people are drawn to. Besides the terms of sapiosexual and demisexual, that are not based on male with female or male, or female with female or male, but being attracted sexually based on intelligence or emotional connection.

I hope Taryn, the asexual biromatic that reviews sex toys, among other things she does in her life, is given the freedom to explore those qualities about her, make the most of what she learns, and lead a happy fulfilling life. I wish that exploration and fulfillment for everyone as they explore in safe ways without causing harm and with full consent.


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