Can What You Eat Affect ED Medications?

A few years ago my primary care physician gave me a free sample of four Viagra pills when I first mentioned to him that I was having some instances of ED. He also added they check my testosterone to my blood tests. This morning a Tweet from Men's Wellness Centers pointed out that what you eat and drink can affect ED medications.

No one told me this. The first dose of Viagra made me feel like a steel rod had been put in me. A few weeks later we took a little mini vacation to a town about a hundred miles away. We took a little longer route and saw a museum in another town about the Topaz War Relocation Center. If you know much about Utah, you know these are fairly small towns.

My wife had some points on a rewards program that let us stay nearly for free in a hotel but it didn't have a place to eat in it. We found a place on Google Maps a little ways away. It was a pizza place, but was local, not part of a chain. The pizza was pretty good.

That night at the hotel I took another dose of Viagra, and nothing happened. Eventually I helped my wife climax through methods other than penetration. We settled down to sleep. At the risk of sounding like the old rocker Billy Mack in the movie Love Actually, I woke to find her bouncing on me. It seems the pizza delayed the effects of the Viagra.

It took me quite some time to find any information on what had happened. I did a number of different web searches before I found a place on Viagra's website that helped me understand the greasy pizza had delayed the effects. The Tweet this morning linked to an article that explains this without having to search through Viagra's site for the information.

I don't know if Pfizer figures the pills cost so much very few men taking it will be eating pizza from a small Mom and Pop pizza parlor, or eating two homemade cheeseburgers, like the article uses as a case of the pills not working. These kinds of foods are spread pretty much throughout our society, no matter what economic class a person is from. We really need to keep them at a minimum if we want to be sexually healthy into advanced years. I thought I would be able to use the medications to counter poor nutritional choices only to find out current choices of a similar nature mess up the medication.

If my nocturnal erection hadn't happened at a time I was snuggled close to my wife so it was poking her, we may never have known what was going on. So, to answer the question at the top, yes, what you eat can affect how well your ED medication works. When you take the pill compared to when you eat can also affect how well it helps you.

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