Consent is Like Tea

My idea of consent is a bit out of date, or so I thought. A couple of people I follow on Twitter followed an account yesterday so my notifications had to tell me about it. I don't really follow many people that I don't find interesting so this morning I check out the account. I came across a version of this video on there. I searched, rather quickly, and I hope I have found the original so if you go to YouTube rather than just watch it here, you can find the copyright information. This is a good start but I think there should be more checks on if there has been a change of mind rather than the person being unconscious. I was kind of like once the consent is given it can't be withdrawn. This video helps me understand better it can be withdrawn, it is up to the person giving the consent whether it continues or not at each change. Now my idea of consent would be to check at each stage. With tea there aren't a lot of steps along the way but I would hope with sex I'm taking time to increase my partners excitement in stages. I'm hoping this blog will help myself and others discuss and discover ways to keep checking on and receiving consent other than something like "is it still okay?"


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