Eighteen Weeks

This isn’t my job, this isn’t really a hobby. It is something I feel is important, but family comes before this. My wife is struggling with communicating about what she wants to have happen in our lives right now, and then the holidays brought many visits and time with family. I think things are getting to where I can spend more time researching and writing again. What follows here was written Thursday while my wife was in the dentist’s office and I was sitting in the waiting room.

When I got on the scales this morning I was expecting some lost ground on the measurements. I weighed more than I have since starting this, only about a pound more, but more. I don’t know if some fat was stored in muscle or in around my organs, but there were only two increases in measurements.

My chest added some and it is still firm so I don’t think the therapy is making my breasts grow. The additional muscle on my chest I’m sure isn’t enough to be the weight gain. My waist is the same as two weeks ago, which is a bit bigger than a just before Thanksgiving. My hips are a little smaller. I gained more than that one pound compared to two weeks ago but somewhere through the holidays I worked more of my ass off. My bicep added a quarter of an inch a few times ago but I figured it would go back down but was still there this time so it seems I’ve added something there too. The one place that added a little but doesn’t seem to have more muscle is my thigh. Hopefully that is where the extra pounds went and they will work off or firm up as I get back to my walking routine a little more consistently.

With family visits over with for a while I’ll try to get back to post to the blog a couple of times a week. I read an article that told of the positive effects of testosterone replacement so I’ll try to find it in the next few days and link to it as my first post of the year not connected to my experience. It has more benefits than I was aware of according to this particular article.

It has been interesting seeing how some people celebrate this time of year. My Twitter continues to show me more about how people that are not as repressed about their bodies as I was raised to be have been enjoying themselves. I am also becoming more convinced that good information about all that goes on with our bodies needs to be out there. I remember a leader in my church as a youth that would make fun of how as kids grew there were names for body parts down to their shoulders then it would skip to their knees. Of course he never did more the criticize, he never talked with us about those skipped parts.

The paragraphs above are what I wrote last week. I didn’t realize how much time it would take to put the house back in order. So far today I’m back on my routine so hopefully the posts will begin again as I have time to listen to podcasts, read blogs, and just think in general from time to time about things I need to learn more about, find some factual information when appropriate, and pass that information along here. As an example of this, on a social media platform sometime during the past two weeks someone asked if non-monogamous relationships had a higher, lower, or same divorce rate as monogamous relationships. I have seen many informal surveys of swinger groups, I have seen statistics stated without a source on many discussions of non-monogamy whether it is open marriage or polyamory. I will be looking for information like this to help people understand choices they face as they try to decide for themselves what changes they need to make to be more sex positive in their attitudes. I will find that other list of benefits to testosterone replacement therapy also. Most of all I’m trying to get back to a healthy routine, I’ve already lost the weight mentioned above but not back to the best I’ve been in this process.

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