Ejaculation Feels Good and is Good For You

Before I started the website and blog I read an article the said studies, or a study, had shown that having an ejaculation at least two time a week was good for your sexual health. At the time my sex life was more like one ejaculation every two weeks. I told my wife about the article and she said we would have to see a doctor to get some Viagra and then we could try to step up our frequency. Though I would love all my climaxes to be with her, my hand does a good job too. I had been worried about doing that too often but the article made aware that I might be doing myself a favor.

I stepped up the frequency of stimulation to climax. As some time passed the recovery time dropped, not just by minutes or hours but by a day. I have to admit some things were changing in my life that were also letting me be more relaxed. And more orgasms made that easier too, but that is a different post. I would wake with nocturnal erections far more often than previously. Though we seldom have intercourse any more in my marriage, we do things to each other that result in orgasm. The frequency there is increasing as well. I may hit that roughly 70% of the time mentioned in the article.

Today I followed the link in the article to where the study was published in December 2016. I have to be honest and admit I only read the abstract. I feel this must be mentioned because at least one study I did read while working on my Master's degree didn't show what the abstract said it did. I didn't find any glaring differences between the information in the abstract and the New York Post article.

One thing pointed out is there was no cause and effect discovered to say if having the ejaculations caused sexual health or if better general health permitted better sexual health. I see the human animal as a whole. When I was teaching we would often talk about the art and science of teaching. There were studies to help us know if a certain method was effective but there were many studies showing many methods were effective. Many studies showed many things just did not work. That was the science of teaching. The art came in making choices as to which of the methods that had been shown to work to choose for a particular class or topic. I would assume medicine and psychology work in similar fashion.

When I was a new teacher, I turned 30 years old the spring of my first year teaching so I never considered myself a young teacher, I would often get whatever was going around at the school whether it was some form of flu or common cold. After a few times of the first antibiotic prescription not getting rid of the crud and my doctor having to go to a second choice, he noticed the pattern, started me with the second choice with no need for a return visit. He started going to that second choice. He used his art of medicine side to notice a pattern the research didn't recommend but he saved me a lot of hassle with the recognition.

I don't know if there is a cause and effect between the sexual health of ejaculations many more times than some of us have bringing on good general health and good prostate health in particular, or if good general health promotes good prostate health and therefore more ejaculations. The science isn't there in the study. My art of living side tells me to make sure I'm open to both ideas so doing more sexual activity can help my general health, or doing things to improve my general health can be enjoyed through more sexual activity. I don't care which is the chicken, which is the egg, or which comes first. They seem to go together so I'll try to improve both.

I'm sure the article linked isn't the one I read a while back. This article provides more detail and a link to the publication of the study. I decided to go with this article instead of looking for the one that caught my attention all those months ago.

How having lots of orgasms can save a man's life 

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