Expert Talks Sex Over 50

Today I listened to a Sex Out Loud with Tristan Taormino episode from earlier this month about sex over 50. Her guest was Dr. Laurie Betito. Some of what was said I've heard before but Dr. Laurie has an interesting way of saying things and helped me better understand why I and my wife seem to be facing some challenges we hadn't expected. I had kind of expected ED to raise its head, is that possible? Isn't ED the other way around? I always wondered why more older folks weren't bothered by the challenges aging causes in their sex lives.

It seems some have been bothered by the lack that many have experienced in the past. With the advances medical science has found it looks like that doesn't have to be such a wide spread situation any more. Dr. Laurie mentioned some things other posts here have brought out about changes in desire but mentioned as she was researching the book many in their50s and 60s said they were experiencing the best sex of their lives.

I messed up much of my 50s so I intend to make the best of my 60s. Maybe I can make my 70s take the place of my 50s. While I was writing this post my phone and computer have been downloading copies of Dr. Betito's book. I'll let you know what I learn in a few days.

In the mean time here is a link to the podcast so you can listen for yourself to what was said.

Dr. Laurie on Sex After Fifty

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