Fourteen Weeks In

Since this period covers the two weeks after Thanksgiving I wasn’t expecting much improvement. Though I try to eat well, when leftovers are all that’s available it is a bit of a challenge. Thanksgiving doesn’t just affect one day around here. We are adjusting so I was able to quit cold turkey, that means no turkey sandwiches. A couple of times of dishing up a plate of left over turkey, dressing, etc. heated in the microwave, but no cold turkey sandwiches.

My expectations were met in there were no real improvements in body measurement. In many ways my hopes were met in there were no real setbacks in body measurements. Very little change.

Other changes amount to no more teen age skin. I think I’m through going through puberty again. I’m hoping this means my testosterone levels are dropping to be closer to the optimum. Too high can cause problems just as too low can, just different problems. I almost forgot to write this today as the injection site from late yesterday hasn’t been sore. I happened to lean on it and got just a small twinge to remind me. My energy levels haven’t really dropped. My concentration is down just a bit but I can’t help but wonder if that isn’t from being in the house avoiding the cold too much. Even though we have inversions building in that hold in the pollution it hasn’t gotten too a critical level yet this year. I should do my afternoon walk outside.

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