My First Injection

Yesterday I got a call from my clinic with the results of my first blood draw. My testosterone level is slightly higher than half the level we are going to try to get me to. The draw was one week ago yesterday. It may have taken a while to get the phone call but they were very timely with getting me the supplies, the testosterone, and I'll have to take an extra dose of Anastrazole one day after each injection as my estrogen levels are high enough to make that necessary.

When I was there last week they showed me how to draw the testosterone and inject myself. I also watched a couple YouTube videos today after the shipment arrived. When I was young I always expected to be giving myself insulin shots but the diabetes that so many in my family have had to deal with has yet to show up in me. Maybe because there are oral medications for diabetes now, I get to deal with a situation that requires injections. We decided the topical medication just wouldn't fit the way I live. As concerned as my wife was as to my reaction to giving myself a shot, it was pretty anticlimactic when it was finished.

They said it would take six to eight weeks to really start seeing any results. For these first six weeks or so I'll report on what I'm experiencing. I've decided for things like weight, waist measurement, or maybe chest size, I'll report as a percent improvement over the previous report rather than raw numbers.

This morning I found a response to a Tweet that was a response to a Tweet that was ... you know how that can go. The interesting thing is I had started reading a post on that blog from having seen the first Tweet. The Monogamish Marriage has a blog post about another experience with low T. I've been reading some of their other posts so you may see links to their way of thinking and their way of saying things on here from time to time.

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