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Today I don't have a new post based on something I've learned online. I don't know if tomorrow there will be a post or not as I will be busy.

I know the first blog post was about defining testosterone and some claims of herbal helps. One thing my wife and I learned years ago about herbal remedies is that many work for a certain time but the body builds up a tolerance for them. We used to use echinacea to help us build up our immune systems to keep colds from either happening or being as severe. With a little more research we learned the body needs a break from echinacea every so many weeks to keep it being effective. There was such a small amount of research available for fenugreek I wasn't sure how long it would last. Six months ago I had a follow up blood test from my wellness check last summer. I had concerns my ED from years ago was caused by low T so my doctor added it to my blood work, at least it shows up on the report from that time on. The report six months ago is the first time it was low.

During the ensuing six months my weight has not responded to exercise and improvements in diet. Though my chest and biceps still look much better than three or four years ago, there has been little or no improvement. Some of the summer months I have been working online instead on research for this blog or just killing time surfing the web, I'll many don't even know what that means anymore. The high heat and poor air quality due to smoke from California, Oregon, and local wildfires has made working in the yard too difficult. We had a clear, cooler day a few days ago and I couldn't find the energy to do even a small project.

Each of these symptoms could be one of many causes but together they fit low T enough I'm going to a men's clinic to have it checked tomorrow.

I have always been very wary of testosterone replacement hearing all sorts of horror stories when I was younger. They didn't want athletes and body builder types causing problems with the rest of us. Remember I live in an area where many are currently trying to block medical marijuana because they think it could be a gateway drug to coffee.

The information from the clinic sounds like you have to go to much higher levels than they take their patients to run into some of the problems I had heard about. A new adventure for me and hopefully some first hand information for posts later this week.

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