Sixteen weeks (Four Months)

We must have been eating holiday treats beyond those two weeks the last report included. A few days after writing that my wife asked how the scales work. Right at the first of this our old scales broke so she ordered new from online. The old scales needed to be adjusted by turning a little wheel. It seems now every scales she found online was electronic. The instruction book said we could calibrate it once and leave it if we didn’t move it. There just wasn’t a place to leave it sitting on a hard surface so we calibrate it each time we use it, or I should say each time I use it. My wife finally asked to be shown how. It isn’t hard, you just step on and off and wait for it to determine what zero is and then you can use it. I showed her then weighed myself. I had increased from just a few days before.

I’ve been really trying to be careful what I eat for the rest of this two week period and Thursday morning I was right near that point I keep bouncing a little below, a little above, about the same. Saying a little I mean just a pound or two. I see some changes in my body so I’m hoping I’m increasing muscle mass while taking off some fat. My waist went down this week again, just not much. My chest increased but it is firm and not just fat trying to give me man boobs. I understand that can be a side effect of the testosterone they have me inject. If I can keep that increasing in about a month or two I’ll be back to the chest size I used to buy a sport coat when I was just a new teacher, in other words, nearly thirty years ago. That chest got bigger as I added weight and waist size, then as I tried to loose weight the waist didn’t change much but my chest was almost looking like an eighty year old man’s. I tried to do many exercises to build muscle there with very little improvement, some but just not enough. Now I can feel it firming up and adding bulk.

My biceps didn’t really change, which is fine with me for now, that was the one improvement I saw when I started trying to add muscle. When I first lost some weight my chest disappeared and my arms were starting to look like a ten year old boy. The exercises I did to add muscle worked fairly well on my arms, but just didn’t seem to be bringing my chest back. With the hormone therapy my biceps seem even more toned but haven’t really added much bulk, but with what I had added before and my chest firming up and adding muscle I’m looking like an adult man instead of some really old guy with a kid’s arms.

Since the dosage has lowered I’m still seeing some of the good benefits, some muscle increase as long as I exercise, much better mood still, and I can still concentrate much better than before. I’m no longer as randy as a teen ager but have much more drive than I did four months ago. The changes in my body are slow but some of the other effects showed up just within six to eight weeks. With another eight weeks on the therapy I’m seeing good changes in my body as well.

The next two weeks include Christmas and New Year’s. I’ll not indulge in holiday treats as much as I used to, but I will indulge. Hopefully two weeks from now will find me not having lost all the gains from the last month or so. What ever holidays you celebrate, I hope they are really good for you this year.

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