STD Rates Increase in Older People

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

One of the motivations for me to create this site was having seen a number of articles the past two or three years about STD or STI rates increasing in the older population more quickly that in the population in general. The article I've linked is one that stood out in my memory as it mentioned some causes that make perfect sense to me. With the pills to help combat ED and creams to help older women enjoy sex, there is a lot going on. One of the problems is since the women no longer need to fear pregnancy there is a lot of unprotected sex going on. I suspected when I first read the article another point it makes. Many at this age didn't get the comprehensive sex ed that has been available in some states. (I fit this category ) It seems some states are trying to go back to the 1950's with laws limiting sex ed so there will be another group without the needed knowledge.

People of all ages need to be welcomed with knowledge as they explore their sexuality and choose what sexual activities meet their desires. Whether they are monogamous, non monogamous, straight, gay, bi, celibate, or any of the other labels that exist for the multiple expressions of sexuality. I think people need to receive a sex ed course whenever they enter a care facility so they don't go enjoying each others bodies thinking there is no danger. Understanding this would hopefully encourage them to take the proper precautions to be safer. Centers where seniors gather to socialize and maybe get some exercise need to include courses and information on safer sex. Abstinence only will probably be less effective on this group than its been with teens. Every study I've seen shows it's a real failure with teens.

Sex and Seniors - STDs A New Reality For The Elderly

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