Ten Weeks in, Eleventh Injection

Well, the odd numbered injections go in my right leg and that seems to be when I make a mistake. One time I got a good bruise thought it didn’t feel and different. Yesterday we flew home from Albuquerque, the flight was delayed, then once we got to the airport near home we are just on final approach and suddenly fuel is sent to the engines and we are climbing again. Seems the plane ahead of us reported debris on the runway. I’ll bet a plane ahead us blew a tire, whether it was the one right before us on the one ahead of that I’ll probably never know. We were in a plane with only 76 seats, so fairly small. I’m glad we went around again as I think even a small bit of debris could cause real problems with that size plane.

So here I get home tired, somewhat up tight due to delays and a different landing than any I’ve had before. I’m being extra careful with the injection. The vile I’ve been using runs out without a full dose, in fact less than half a dose. I’d received a new vile so I topped off with the new dosage amount. Part way though injecting it the plunger starts moving more quickly and a small amount of the solution comes out on my leg. The process is to use a larger diameter needle to draw the solution into the syringe and then change to a smaller needle to inject the med into me. I hadn’t put the needle on tight enough so part way through a little leaked through the threads at the connection. I hope it wasn’t enough to make much difference.

My weight is up again though still in the same range. I don’t know if it is from the travel or other changes. My waist is smaller but still rounds to 4% decrease. Before it rounded up to 4% and now it rounds down to 4%, so not quite another percentage point of decrease, while weight went up. My chest is up a percent from the last report but feeling firmer. My unfixed bicep is up 2%. Hopefully the weight gain is muscle in my chest and arms. My hips are now one percent smaller than at the start. I am literally working my ass off. That is the only place around my hips left to take muscle and/or fat away. Like many guys my age my waist is slow to leave but my hips are small. I now know why suspenders get used by older men, belts don’t hold pants up as well.

There is a panel discussion happening online on Tuesday. I shared the info on my Facebook page as it will be happening through Facebook. I’m hoping to find how to share it through Twitter soon and get a short blog post up to share the address through here.

It looks like the next two weeks will be at home, working out and walking regularly, and hopefully more results of good changes to my body.

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