Time is Fleeting

One of the fun things that has happened to me since I started this blog is I get to know some people I never would have otherwise. This comes through connections being made online. As with most things in life, the internet can be a tool for positive things or negative things depending on how it is used. It has been positive for me to hear the ideas of others I would never have met without this technology.

My wife injured her knee a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been spending so much time helping her that I’ve fallen behind on the podcasts I listen to. Currently we are visiting my daughter and her family in southern California. Since I’m staying on Mountain Time, I’m getting up an hour earlier, or more, than everyone and feeling like it is the regular time. I’ve used that time to catch up on listening to podcasts. Podcasts and tweets are a couple of sources I use for ideas of what to blog about outside of my TRT experience.

This morning I listened to Hugo’s Posts episode from October 19th. He titled it Gather Ye Rosebuds. This young man Hugo, he’s 40 so to me he is young, is starting to realize how fleeting our time is in this life. I also saw a tweet from him about keeping to his workout schedule even though there are many holidays coming up during the next few months. You go Hugo.

I’m using him as an inspiration to stick with my routine. As I blogged recently, I am not yet seeing many effects from the raised testosterone levels but increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat are going to take time. I decided to go to the expense and hassle of injections because I had let my body go somewhat. I read different opinions on whether levels can be kept at good levels through diet and exercise. Some try to sell exercise routines and diets with claims they will keep those levels high while others say replacement is the only way.

I feel even with the replacement as a possibility keeping in good shape is important as sexual health is basically the same as general health. A healthy heart is essential for it all. I saw a report about a year or so ago that men who live longer actually have just a bit of belly fat. I’m not sure how that relates to sexual health, but I’m sure ridiculously low levels of body fat are not needed. The levels that permit and keep the heart healthy are what we should strive for. I kept trying but diet and exercise just weren’t taking things where I wanted them after not caring enough through a big part of my 50’s.

On a social media platform I recently saw a man who claims to be 70 but the body in the pictures looks more like a healthy 30 or 40 has impressed me. He lives in northeastern Utah so I may get to meet him some day, that is if the picture isn’t a product of Photoshop. I would encourage everyone to watch their diet and get good exercise so even if they need help from something like testosterone injections they don’t have to go through getting back into shape like I’m doing.

I saw a tweet recently that stated Cleveland Wellness Institute reports that having 350-700 orgasms a year can add an extra 4-8 years to your life. Of course I tweeted how much I would enjoy that many orgasms each year during those additional years so its even better than just some additional years of life. Staying in shape will definitely make those years better, make those orgasms possible, and hopefully add even more years than the 4-8.

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