Twelve Weeks in, Thirteenth Injection

Looking at the information available about how many have read different posts it looks like interest started strongest with the posts about my testosterone replacement therapy but has since shifted to the other posts. I’ll be working at getting more information for those. The posts about what has changed in my body and experiences with the therapy will continue every two weeks, but will be shorter as time is filling up with holiday activities.

My weight came down just a bit but is still within two pounds of where I started this. My waist is now 4.5% smaller than it was to begin with. The other measurements didn’t really change in the two week period.

I think the slightly lower dose is letting my levels drop so I feel more balanced but still have the increased energy and libido. It seems like for two or three days near the halfway point between injections one of the effects shows up more strongly. Two weeks ago I had stronger morning wood. This past week I had somewhat more oily skin again for a couple of days. For one day I had zits on my nose almost like when I was in high school. I was more relaxed two weeks ago but this past week was a little more stressful helping get ready for the holiday weekend. I wonder if the other hormones and chemicals my body is producing based on what is happening in life affect what changes the TRT will produce.

Few changes in body composition for this time, and those changes continue in a direction I want. I didn’t exercise as consistently, at least as far as my walking, like for a couple of days I only did one 30 minute walk instead of two. In some ways, if I don’t lose any ground on my body composition through the stress and diet changes the holidays bring I’ll be happy. I will try to be more aware of what I’m eating and push the exercise a little to make sure I don’t lose ground but just changes in schedule on some days will cause things to be different.


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