Twenty-six Weeks

It has been four weeks since I last reported measurements. My weight seems to be on a plateau bouncing around never more that two pounds up or two pounds below an average that is about a pound heavier than when I started this. My chest measured the same at the end of the first two weeks but grew by 3% this second two weeks. Everything else is about the same. I was beginning to wonder if there was a real difference between what was changing compared to what I was like last summer.

My mood is definitely better. I’m dealing more with what to do with energy that is building up being stuck in the house with late winter weather. Not warm enough to do much outside but not so cold that I want to wrap up in a blanket in front of the fire.

Last week they took a blood sample and after I took my measurements today I received the news of what needs to change. I knew testosterone has an effect on bones, I didn’t understand how much of an effect it has on bone marrow. The amount of red blood cells in my system is high enough they fear it could cause problems. Tomorrow I go to an old fashioned doctor who still uses leeches to get some of that blood out. Not really. I do go have some blood drawn and go without a testosterone shot for a while to see if it will come down and stay. I have been advised it would be wise while on the medication to donate blood about every other month. The reason that won’t work now is there are so many red blood cells in it that it would not work as a transfusion.

After that first check on my levels I was told to decrease my dosage. Part of why the blood cell count is so high is my testosterone levels have continued to climb. It is now over 1400 (whatever the units are) while the goal is for it to be between 700 and 900. I don’t know how common this is. I know the clinic that will draw the prescribed amount tomorrow seemed to know just what working with my clinic involves so they must do it at least often enough to not be doing something highly unusual.

I’m working with a clinic that the best way I can describe the payment is like an all-inclusive resort or cruise. I am paying a set amount and they cover anything like this blood letting, the medication, doctor visits that deal with the TRT, etc. Unlike an all inclusive cruise, if something should cut the therapy short, what I pay will be cut. It is basically charged as so much per weekly dose, and they cover all direct costs until those weekly doses are given.

During the appointment at the clinic they took my blood pressure. They were a bit concerned so I’ve been checking my pressure a few times this week. It has steadily come down though it isn’t where anyone would feel good about it, just less concerned. As I understand it, the red blood cell count could be part of that. I hope so.

I will continue to exercise and measure my body until I’m back on the therapy and then will adjust the measurement dates to let you know what I’m experiencing and if there are any improvements. If you are considering testosterone replacement therapy because of just not having energy, then I would recommend talking with a health care provider about it. If you just want to bulk up a bit or some other reason, in my case at least, I haven’t seen quick changes other than mood. There have been some changes in muscle mass that are quick enough to notice compared to it being so slow it was very discouraging before I started the therapy.

As with all medical situations you rely on the artistry of your practitioner to choose the correct application of science to get the desired result. I’m in the process of learning how good at the art my doctor is.

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