Twenty-two Weeks

When I got on the scales Thursday morning I was convinced things were going the wrong way. My weight had gone up nearly three pounds.

A couple of hours later, when my wife was able to help me measure inches, my feelings evened out as things have improved a bit. They aren’t big changes but they are in the right direction. My chest is a quarter of an inch bigger, my waist is a quarter of an inch smaller. My bicep is also a quarter of an inch larger. Now on my chest and waist that is very little change, but matches the largest two week change on my bicep. That is why I usually report my changes as a percent of the measurement.

Both my thigh and hips went down a half an inch. I took a picture showing what my body was looking like last spring thinking I would just do that once in a while to keep myself exercising. I may need to do that again as looking at my thigh when I raise my leg when doing my exercises didn’t seem to change. I guess one thing about taking a measurement is it shows improvement in places I can’t see in a picture or looking down at myself. I’m curious if I would see change if I took a picture now.

One change I have noticed is my sleep pattern. Before starting the testosterone injections I would sleep only a few hours most nights. After starting the injections my levels went way high and I was sleeping about eight hours at a shot. Sometimes more. The last few weeks I’ve been sleeping about seven to seven and a half hours. My wife keeps saying eight is the minimum I should be getting but I feel fine as long as it is more than seven.

Since the changes have really slowed down I’m thinking of reporting every four weeks. I’ll still get my measurements every two weeks but post to the blog about them every four. So after twenty-six weeks I’ll post another report. Another reason for that is in a little over two weeks I get another blood draw to check my levels. I should have the results back by that twenty-six week measurement so I can report on both at the same time.

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