Twenty Weeks

Basically five months of therapy. I’m feeling more like a normal person. When the levels were high I didn’t realize how out a whack some things were. When they were low I really lacked energy and couldn’t seem to lose fat or add muscle no matter what I did with diet or exercise. The problems of low levels seem to be leaving me but I’m more normal feeling than when the levels were too high.

My weight is going down. My muscle is going up. I’ll have to be dedicated to the exercises I’ve been doing and do more research as to things I can do to improve my diet, but things are improving.

My chest has continued to add more mass. Four weeks ago my chest and waist had the same measurement. Two weeks ago it was a little bit more on my chest. This time the chest measurement is more than an inch more than my waist. Chest got bigger, waist got smaller. My hips are pretty much the same as always, going up or down about a half an inch. My thigh is a surprise to me. It got smaller for a while but has started getting bigger. When I do my workout I do an exercise where I lay on my back and do some movements, then I raise one leg and repeat, then raise the other leg and repeat. I’ve noticed the muscles in my thigh are more defined and looking from my point of view they are more narrow. I guess that muscle is adding mass to make the measurement increase.

My chest went up and down but is currently 2% larger than at the first. My waist is 3% smaller than the start. My thigh is 2% smaller than at the start. My weight is 1% higher than at the start. There has to have been some switching of mass for fat to muscle. In the past it seemed if I changed how much exercise I was getting or my diet was adjusted I would lose weight but also lose inches. This is new for me to be adding muscle along with dropping fat.

Again I wrote the previous paragraphs in the dentist’s office while my wife was getting a crown and an implant finished. The other day she mentioned while I was doing cat and cow movements to stretch a bit that she could see the muscles making me bend. It seems some of the fat on my back is leaving, or the muscles are becoming a bit larger. I’ll bet it is fat leaving.

I just found out a former colleague and friend died of complications from surgery yesterday. I don’t know if I’ll be blogging much this week. I have friends I get to see in person that may need some support, or may need to give some support. I’ll try to be back in a few days.

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