Two weeks in, third injection

Well, yesterday marked two weeks of living with testosterone injections. I don't know what I did wrong on the first injection but it swelled up for about a week and a half. The second injection occurred in a hotel while we were on vacation last week. It was sore for a day or so but I hardly noticed it at all by yesterdays injection. The first thigh was still kind of sore. I was very tempted to not follow instructions to alternate and put the third injection in the second leg. I finally decided I need to follow doctor's instructions unless I have very good reason to believe a different way is better. I can't just change because I think it will be more convenient.

Today neither leg is bothering me. I might find if I bump it I will still notice something is still a little sore. So are there any other effects yet?

A while back a therapist was talking with me about the differences between how men and women think. She showed me a video of a guy talking about men thinking in boxes, while women think in a network. This seemed to fit what the doctor said a few weeks ago as he said men tend to focus more than women. He said it is testosterone that makes the focus possible. One of the things I had noticed for the past year or so was I didn't focus as well as I used to. His comment made me hope that would be an important effect of TRT.

The past couple of days I've been able to do a jigsaw puzzle program I have on my computer. My wife has been doing them daily to try to help keep her mind alert. I was struggling to keep focused through the puzzle. I'm not nearly as focused as I was when younger, but I am already seeing a change. I'm waking to morning wood more often than I used to. I'm not sure how much that is testosterone and how much it is just finally relaxing into retirement more. There have been only a few small changes in things like muscle mass, and those have been to go down everywhere except my chest. My waist increased though. I think that was an effect of the vacation. Though I tried to order the healthiest things, some of the places we ate didn't have as healthy of choices as I would have liked. I wasn't really expecting much with just two weeks but I'm pleasantly surprised with the improvement in focus.

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