World Sexual Health Day

I am traveling to enjoy at least some of my retirement years. I opened my Facebook account to find Sexology Institute's video, about an hour after they finished. This is full a great information for women, but much for heterosexual men as well. One, we need to understand what our partner is going through at various times in their lives. Much of this was about younger women but there was mention of problems that come up with aging. Two, they did talk about men's issues. One issue discussed is near to my heart right now as I am dealing with low T.

We flew on a plane today with only 50 seats. We thought going right after Labor Day would mean smaller crowds while the weather would still be good. Not only are there fewer families with school age kids, there were fewer younger adults as well. We felt like the youngest people on the plane. When we talked about it this evening we figured there were two or three people that were younger but it still felt like I think a tour bus full of older people. All the men looked like they could use some weight training and testosterone replacement. The video has some discussion of that as well.

Flying while carrying my testosterone, syringe, and two needles had me plenty nervous. They didn't even get noticed. I did get patted down. The only thing I had on that could have set the metal detector off were my glasses. They had me go through another machine the picked up on the plastic of my suspenders, worn so my belt buckle wouldn't set off the metal detector. I'm glad he only patted the places indicated where the adjustment on the suspenders are made.

Watch the video to learn about hormones and how they affect our sex lives.

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